Chiefs’ Abdullah to join Aspire’s Ramadan activities

Kansas City Chiefs defensive back Husain Abdullah (No 39) in action during a NFL match.


DOHA: Kansas City Chiefs defensive back Husain Abdullah will head to Qatar in July to take part in Aspire Zone’s Ramadan activities.

A player from the National Football League (NFL), Abdullah will participate in a range of activities focusing on promoting American football and demonstrating how he balances a professional sports career with his Islamic faith.

Husain Abdullah said: “It’s an honor to be selected by Aspire Zone Foundation and the NFL to teach American Football in Doha, Qatar at their Ramadan Sports Festival,” said Abdullah. “Being chosen from an elite pool of professional athletes is humbling. I look forward to teaching, coaching and sharing my passion for American Football with the participants in Doha.”

“Nothing in this world is more important to me than worshipping Allah the way he has instructed us to do. With American football being a sport I love, I must find balance to make sure that my enjoyment of sport does not interfere with my worship of Allah. I continue to work towards a balanced lifestyle so I can continue enjoying the game I love, while keeping Allah first.”

With a mix of sports competitions, religious celebrations and healthy lifestyle initiative, Aspire Zone’s Ramadan activities aim to engage the community during the holy month.

A feature of the month is the Third Ramadan Sports Festival which includes a Flag Football tournament, a variation of Abdullah’s sport - American Football. Abdullah’s schedule will include training sessions for local flag football teams and a special coaching clinic for the youth of Qatar. Khalid Abdullah al-Sulaiteen, CEO of Aspire Zone Foundation said: “As AZF is the premium Sports destination in the region, we always try to be a platform for different sports and introduce new ones to our community. American Football is one of those games we are providing support to encourage and spread. So far, it received good turnout and we hope it continues to do.”

He added: “We are honored that Husain Abdullah is coming to Qatar to support our Ramadan activities at Aspire that are diversified to meet all the community needs and in line with the spirit and values of Ramadan. Husain is a role model for Muslim youth as he demonstrates his commitment to Islam while fulfilling a professional sports career.

“We look forward to Husain joining our sports competition, sharing his knowledge with our youth and inspiring us with his inspirational story.” Abdullah originally signed with the Minnesota Vikings in 2008 before missing a full season in 2012-13 to make Hajj (Pilgrimage). Upon returning to the USA he signed with his current team, the Kansas City Chiefs.

Tommy Wiking, President of the International Federation of American Football said: “I would like to congratulate the Aspire Zone Ramadan Sports Festival for its support from NFL and for succeeding in having such an outstanding football player as Husain Abdullah attending the event.”

The International Federation of American Football are enthusiastically looking forward to the flag football tournament and the further grassroots development of our sport in Qatar. I’m convinced that Aspire Zone Foundation will take a leadership role in the advancement of American football not only in Qatar but also in the Gulf region.”



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